The Menudo Discography Website


Welcome! Bienvenidos! 歓迎! Benvenuto! Bem-vindo! Maligayang Pagdating!

Since 1977, Menudo has racked up quite an extensive catalog of music. The group has possibly the largest discography out of all the musical artists in the world. They have recorded songs in 6 different languages and released albums around the world. Even the Rolling Stones, who have been around decades longer only have 24 albums. Menudo has “officially” 33 albums, not counting the spin-off of MDO. Add greatest hits albums, compilations, singles, solo albums, and the worldwide success of Ricky Martin and Robby Rosa (Draco Rosa)… The numbers have to be a world record.

The gang at decided that Menudo needs a place to display, catalog, and discuss the various released and the differences based on different countries. We believe that so many people have taken bits and pieces of the group’s history to create fan sites, and some of them are excellent. BUT…I don’t believe any of it.

You may ask WHY we DON’T believe what’s on the internet. When fans are creating these sites, they are stealing photos from other locations. Photos that are posted are small and grainy and look like they have been copied so many times that no one has a clear picture of things. To us, this means that they are using information off the internet and not using their personal collection to provide accurate information. With cellphones and cameras being a good as they are, there is no reason not to have a “quality” photo on your site unless you don’t own the album.

This is why we created the website. We believe that fans, die-hard fans, collectors, and Menudo historians deserve a place where they can explore the music of the group with accurate and precise information. This is why this website will NEVER be complete. It is impossible for any collector, even the most dedicated to having everything. Period! With almost 40 years of releases in so many countries with no “checklist”, no one can ever be sure that something doesn’t exist.

All the listings on the website are owned by or by a reliable source to provide us with extensive detail. We will base all comparisons from the most common release. Most likely that will be from the US, Puerto Rico (older items), or Mexico. The catalog will continue to grow as we build and research our collections. We hope you enjoy this website and share the love that you have for Menudo.

*On digital releases: We will be including digital releases of singles and remixes based on iTunes US. Because digital releases might have their covers and artwork, we will include web-based information. We will announce if the artwork was obtained via the web. If we come to find out that a physical single CD or vinyl was released on the single, we will change the format listing on the item. Until that time, it will be listed as “digital.” We would not include digital releases of full albums unless the album was solely only sole release was by digital download.